Secure Data Erasure Service

Many of today’s companies have some form of policy in place to govern their data sanitisation efforts. And when it comes to data erasure, certification should be a key requirement for any data erasure policy.

To meet compliance requirements in many territories, tamper-proof audit trails are necessary, a standard that is present in our catalogue of data erasure products.

Rentalworks provides secure data destruction software and hardware services to ensure that your end-of-life data is erased securely and cost-effectively. Our offer is the most complete end-to-end solution for erasing all of your organisation’s IT assets, including PCs and laptops, servers and storage environments, LUNs, Virtual Drives, Virtual Machines, smartphones, tablets and flash media devices. We also have the capability of securely erasing individual files and folders.

Hard Drive Eraser: A high speed, efficient and flexible total erasure solution for PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments that enables safe disposal and reuse.
Mobile Device Eraser: Secure mass erasure of Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets.
Flash Drive Eraser: Erase flash media storage devices stored within smartphones, tablets, network routers, and cameras etc.
File Eraser: Erase files and folders on active PCs, servers and virtual machines to prevent data breach.
LUN Eraser: Centrally erase logical drives like LUNs and virtual machines in an active storage environment.

Drive Erasure

Rentalworks’ data erasure service utilizes proprietary drive erasure software to securely erase stored data from PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments. These fully automated and centrally managed solutions provide cutting edge efficiency and productivity to meet the complex needs of organizations managing multiple data storage devices.

Digitally-signed Certification

A key business advantage of our data erasure solution is that every data erasure run generates its own unique, comprehensive and digitally-signed report, officially certifying the data wiping completion of the data storage assets. These reports are critical for any organisation’s efforts toward data and security compliance for their stakeholders.

For further information on Rentalworks data erasure service, kindly contact us.