Cost Efficient Asset Acquisition Plan

Whether new or pre-owned, long-term leasing or short-term rental, we have all the equipment and plans to suit your needs.

Long-Term Operating Lease

Increasingly, businesses are turning to long-term IT equipment leasing (2 to 4 years) for their technology refresh. Leasing brand new IT equipment for businesses are common nowadays due to following benefits:

  • Getting the best fit IT equipment for your environment
  • Equipment insurance coverage in event of theft or accidental damage
  • Hassle-free with old ICT equipment replacement
  • No high upfront cost

We are able to provide tech leasing solutions of all sizes from equipment such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers, wearables customised to enterprise, retail and even mobile network operator’s requirements.


Medium-Term/Project Leasing

For medium-term projects that span from several months to a year, leasing of pre-owned and refurbished IT equipment proves to be the preferred cost-effective solution. Our wide IT equipment catalogue can cater to your project needs, with benefits including:

  • Tailored hardware and software requirements
  • Secure data sanitisation
  • Affordable product catalogue
  • End-to-end solution

Short Term Rental Solution

Rentalworks’ short term rental solution not only provides a variety of IoT products, but we also help to navigate and resolve software issues, IT services and logistical hurdles. Whether it is for conferences, training events, annual events, exhibitions or other types of events, Rentalworks supplies IT equipment on a short term rental basis to meet your business use and needs no matter if your event is for a day, a week, a month, or even on an ad-hoc basis, Rentalworks can provide the necessary IT equipment, IT services and IT expertise for a smooth and successful event.


Device Buyback and Trade-In/Trade-Up Program

We design and customise buyback and trade-in/trade-up programs focusing for mobile network operators, chain retailers and OEM manufacturers. Our programs provides our clients with a platform to acquire more customers while maintaining brand loyalty and competitiveness. Our programs includes deployment of high technology device diagnostics and grading solution on-premise to provide a great customer journey experience. We are able to provide this program for the following asset classes:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Notebook PCs
  • Desktops PCs

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