Rentalworks Group was founded in 2007 with business footprints in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We are the leading provider of IT Asset Lifecycle Management Services. We have assisted enterprises and government agencies to navigate their IT asset lifecycle from acquisition, leasing, maintaining to refresh. Managing tens of thousands of assets like PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and tech wearables is within our scope of expertise. Everything we do is underpinned by our commitment towards helping our clients get more from their budget without compromising on performance and service.

Rentalworks Singapore emphasizes on IT devices that are becoming essential to business requirements in today’s data-driven world. Marrying our tech finance services with our out-of-the-box asset end-of-life management, we are able to seamlessly manage a variety of asset classes from the traditional PCs to mobile devices, wearables and sensor based devices as well.

Rentalworks Singapore has three core business offerings:

  1. The provisioning of a cost-effective asset acquisition plan via an operating lease plan, a device buyback & trade-in program and an asset sale & leaseback program.
  2. Comprehensive asset lifecycle maintenance services which includes preventive maintenance services, device protection coverage plan and asset deployment services.
  3. Asset end-of-life management which includes warranty logistics services, asset decommissioning and logistics services, asset value recovery and remarketing services and last but not least secure data sanitisation services.

Our valued clients and partners whom have trusted our effective solutions include large enterprises, governments, SMEs, mobile network operators, retail chain outlets and IT system integrators. Our team includes professionals from finance, IT, cybersecurity and logistics background.

We make it easy to lease, use and replace IT asset

Your Benefits
  • Escape From Depreciating Value
  • Avoid Technology Obsolescence
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • Standardise System & Software
  • Tax Advantage*
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Let us take you beyond the accustomed IT leasing lifecycle management.
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